Upcycling For Kids!

Want to save some cash and have the most stylin’ kids in the neighborhood? It’s easy to do. This summer I took what was an adult small Collective Motion T-shirt and deconstructed it to create this stylish little piece for my beautiful niece miss Grace Elizabeth! She was by far one of the most fun models I have worked with and pleasantly easy to work with too, which is pretty impressive considering she was just two years old at the time.

Imagine the possibilities. Although I do not have kids of my own at this point, I did grow up living in my two older brother’s hand-me-downs. So, I can speak from some experience on this one. When one of your children grows out of that old T-shirt from the basketball team, simply transform it into a tank top or dress for the younger sibling and WALA you have two pieces of clothing for the price of one!

I definitely plan to experiment with more upcylicing for children. Perhaps this idea will even transform into a regular weekly segment here on The T-Shirt Project. Keep an eye out readers!

In other news: My shiny new credit union credit card came in, which means etsy here I come!

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